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What if 2019 was about Results… Not Resolutions. Directed by Michael Palermo. Production and Post by Barnstormer Pictures

MGO-Dinner and a Download • Executive Producer and Creative Director for a series of four show length cooking segments.  MGO is now Fandango Now Camp "Go Bananas" • Producer/Director/Editor for a series of summer camp videos for  Brace yourself.

Damian DelGaizo's: Tailwheel 101 • Creator/Producer/Director/DP/Editor • A series of original instructional videos sold around the world.  It is the gold standard in its industry

OsteoStrong #StrongMe Directed by Michael Palermo with creative assist from Christine Moffatt, Production and Post-production by Barnstormer Pictures

Four J Foods-Jonathan Waxman • Producer/Director/Editor of a series of short recipes that are found by scanning a QR code on the product bottle